Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First Corazón

First Corazón youth choir rehearsal of the year today. Noah is now part of the choir. He'll be in the 2nd soprano section, as his voice is still young and high. He tried alto briefly today at Allison's suggestion but that's definitely not his range. There's a short performance in 13 days. About 70% of the choir is made up of returning singers, so they'll be singing three songs from last year, and the newbies will just have to do their best to power-learn and be shored up by the veterans.

Everyone was asked to introduce themselves by name and share one thing about themselves. Erin said:

"I'm Erin, and I take the overnight bus from Calgary to get here for rehearsals."


She loved her weekend in Calgary and all her lessons and practice time. Her bus trip home was relatively uneventful. Sharing jellybeans and listening to tales of kidney stones and woe with a seatmate in the middle of the night doesn't count as particularly eventful in Erin's book.

She is a violin maniac these days. Worked on technique exercises on just one string for two and a half hours tonight. Hopes to get to the other three strings tomorrow. Of course tomorrow includes a shift at work and the first day of school, whatever that turns out to be.

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