Sunday, December 07, 2008

Tickle fight

Even after spending 8 hours in the van together, and then bunking down in very close quarters in a hotel for a day or more, with the prospect of another long drive through nasty winter weather the next day, they can manage to have a lot of silly fun together.

Trips to Calgary are getting pretty routine around here. We're a year into the endeavour and now have both Erin and Noah taking lessons in the big city. The hotel staff know us now and usually give us our preferred room on the top floor, this time with an informal discount just because we're regulars. I still hate the winter driving through the Rockies ... but we haven't yet had any mishaps, and now have it all organized so that I don't have to do any dusk or night driving except in places where it's easy -- like the point-and-shoot last hour's stretch eastward onto the prairie.


  1. That long drive sounds rough. Please be careful on treacherous roads! Sending happy driving thoughts your way! :)

  2. Hi Miranda,

    I, too, am a Burkholder! I have read bits of your blog over the past year but a fellow poster to Simple Living Network, mentioned that you were a Burkholder(well I discovered in my digging that you are a Hughes) but that your children are Burkholders and I'm guessing your husband is???

    I don't think we are related but my father, Gary Burkholder, was raised in Trail and I grew up in Barriere B.C. My husband and I have been back here for about 10 years. We built log homes for a while (he is an engineer and I'm a former journalist and PR person) and we also have a blog as we are starting a new adventure! If you are interested visit We are taking a year off to build our earthship and make some decisions...about schooling and other things!!

    I'd be curious if there is some connection between our two families!!

    Great blog, I've always enjoyed it.
    Sandra Burkholder


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