Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New paper craft toy

Someone who makes as many music theory manipulatives, violin practicing aids, gift tags, booklets, books, nametags, forms, recital invitations, programmes, brochures and sheets of origami paper as I do ought to have had one of these years ago. It's a paper cutter and you can see it beneath and behind the gift tags in the photo.

Yesterday I stopped at Michaels, in lieu of lunch, on my way back from Vancouver. Ostensibly I was looking for animal eyes for Sophie's knitted snake, but I came out with a few extras ... modelling clay for claymation projects, replacement wooden beads in case the dog chews on any more of the Colorku pieces, some scrummy origami paper and my cool new Fiskars paper cutter.

Tonight we set to work with some old Christmas cards and cardstock, recycling them into next year's gift tags. This is no doubt the first of many projects for the paper cutter.


  1. Ooohhhh, that looks fun! I love Michael's too. I could spend waaayy too much time and waaaaaaaaaaaayyy too much money there. Enjoy your new paper cutter. :)

  2. Yesterday, I pulled out a paper cutter my dad gave me a few years back. I used it too make my daughter a "letter book". I found out that the blade is ever so slightly bent, so my perfectionist side was quite disappointed in the finished project - even though it's really just fine.


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