Friday, October 31, 2008

Nuru School

One of our favourite local cafés is Nuru Design. It is a house-front workshop / gallery / café (and once a week or so there's also a hair salon in the very back). They make hand-painted clothing using Japanese-inspired motifs and styles, and sell their wares as well as a few other lines of nice artsy gift-type stuff. The coffee is excellent, the small selection of lunch things and snacks is divine, and the ambiance is great. There are three tiny tables inside, another three on the enclosed porch, and small bar counters in both locations.

This afternoon we girls were on the Nuru porch. Erin had been at school, but decided to meet us for "café school" for a break. She had worked on her writing course portfolio over lunch hour and then took off fourth block to join us. She had a mocha and worked on chemistry.

Fiona and Sophie worked on math. Both are closing in on the very end of their current level in workbooks and are keenly pursuing forward progress. They both opted for a English-toffee flavoured milk steamers, a combination Fiona came up with in Nelson a few weeks ago which is surprisingly tasty if the flavour syrup isn't overdone.

I had my usual vanilla latté and did some knitting. And browsed from one kid to another as they had questions or wanted me to check answers.

We were probably there for an hour. People came and went. We chatted with each other and with the proprietors and other patrons. A bit of math and science got done. A few rows of a mitten got knitted. And then we headed out to watch bald eagles and take photos, and Erin headed over to the school for a bit before going to her grandmother's to practice violin.


  1. Great to see some 'surroundings' ;).

    Does Nuru Design still have the selection of fairy lights? We were so tempted by them, but sadly they weren't practical to import.

  2. Can't remember if they had fairy lights for sale or not. Ulla and Ulli are the two ladies who make them, so I always know where to find them if we want some. They are pretty neat, aren't they?


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