Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall colour

My window-sill in the kitchen. Rose-hip and apple jelly, and a few maple leaves, and some sunshine.


  1. MMMMMmmmmmm....Looks yummy!

  2. It's really beautiful! It almost make autumn look like a season to enjoy! :)

  3. beautiful, oh.....

  4. erica6:01 pm

    I so admire the posts you share of your adventures in homeschooling and sharing your time with your family!!

  5. Visiting your blog from Nova Scotia, where the rose hips and apples are plentiful... would you share your jelly recipe? Looks wonderful!

  6. Hi Rebecca. We don't really have a recipe. We washed, simmered, mashed and strained the juice off about 6 lbs. of rosehips. We then mixed it with about an equal amount of fresh-pressed apple cider. If you don't have a cider press you could probably just simmer an equal weight of apples with your rosehips.

    Once we had the juice, we used Pomona's Pectin, a lovely though hard-to-find product which allows you to make jelly with almost any amount of sugar. I used the amount of Pomona's recommended for a blackberry/raspberry recipe, dumped in sugar to taste (about 3/4 cup per cup of juice) and that was it. Canned as per standard sterile canning procedure in hot water bath.

    Pomona's is wonderful forgiving stuff if you can find it. Natural foods places often carry it.


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