Friday, June 06, 2008

Bedroom nooks, after

We finished! It looks fun. I think I'd like one of my own. Sophie is pleased and looking forward to sleeping in her new nook. Though tonight she's having a sleepover in the basement teaching studio with a friend (there's more room in there for a guest).

Ultimately I'd like Sophie to have the basement room for her own. I'm dreaming of a studio space, about the size of a school classroom, for the piano and for teaching, and for group classes and quartet rehearsals and solo recitals. With a small loft area at the back to put up guests. It will be made from strawbales or cordwood and will be set off in the woods with a view of the glacier in the distance.

I'll keep dreaming. In the meantime I'm thrilled that Sophie is happier with her bedroom arrangement.


  1. Hi Miranda! I just started subscribing to your blog. Your house/area seems to be ideal. I love the bedroom nooks too, I wish I could steal away some time to read in one......

  2. wow! what a magical perfect place for a young girl. I love it. I would so want it if I was Sophie!!!

  3. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Love this! My daughter says she wants to do that for her bed too- actually she also wants a bunk bed...


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