Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Beneath the Action

A week or two ago I posted an image of Where the Action Is, showing the kids together at the computer bench, where they spend far too much time clustered together playing games. Here's the dark side... the floor beneath the computer desk. I finally got around to doing more than a traffic-area vaccuuming of the family room and pulled out the toybox/bench. This is what typically accumulates in the space of a couple of weeks. Maximize the image in another window and play "I Spy."

  1. Sophie's yellow slip-ons.
  2. A decorative Christmas paper punch
  3. A matchbox car
  4. 87 shreds of black naugahyde from upholstery that formerly graced the toybox top
  5. two marbles
  6. embroidery hoop
  7. spool
  8. two and a half pairs of Noah's socks
  9. scrap of yarn from Fiona's finger-knitting
  10. empty Avery label packet
  11. pocket Japanese-English dictionary
  12. white piece from board game set
  13. detritus of Fiona's paper-cutting festival-cum-tantrum
  14. half a Sudoku puzzle
  15. half a styrofoam peanut, left over from static-electricity play
  16. At least three kleenex scraps
  17. Four pencils, and the bonus item....
  18. Small plastic rainbow trout

1 comment:

  1. hahahaha... I LOVE that picture... kinda looks like what's behind MY computer...


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