Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Today I learned....

Today I learned:

1. That 12-year-olds who haven't had their child-like-ness "socialized" out of them at school will still contribute large amounts of their own spending money towards the purchase of communal Playmobil castle stuff with their younger siblings.

2. That unschooling moms who leave their small business and medical practice accounting until three days before their adjusted-year-end Canadian tax return is due will, for the 7th or 8th June 14th in a row, curse their procrastination tendencies.

3. That a brand new copy of Rosetta Stone Latin will keep four unschooled kids, aged 3-12, rapt at the computer for almost 2 hours.

4. That moms who are punchy from too much accounting work cannot help commenting "Sex?? He said sex!!" every time the Rosetta Stone narrator counts to six.

5. That it is possible for a mother to embarrass a 12-year-old by shouting the word "Sex" repeatedly.

6. That "old woman" in Latin is "anus."

7. That three children, aged 7 to 12, can get very good at chorusing back at their mother in voices dripping with playful condescension "oh my, it seems she never outgrew the potty joke phase."

8. That "you learn something new everyday" posts are a welcome diversion from tax-return preparation.


  1. Today I learned...

    ... what a great sense of humor you have. =)

  2. Hi Miranda, Sooo much to tell you. I lovelovelove your blog! I followed you here from the ivillage unschooling blog...but don't post there much, mostly lurk. This oldie-but-goodie just made me laugh outloud (and I haven't laughed much recently, aloud or otherwise) so that DH actually looked away from his computer to see what I was up to. Thank you for sharing your unschooling experiences! I just had to say I appreciate your wisdom so much, you are an inspiration!


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