Saturday, June 24, 2006

Stop-motion fun

A couple of weeks ago a tidying frenzy resulted in the rediscovery of Playmobil castle fun. Playmobil has been enjoyed in many different ways by my kids over the years, but for the past while it's been mostly the figures that have taken on Euwy World personas and served as ballast or characters in K'nex constructions or in stories. But recently, the castle stuff has been big again -- so big, in fact, that the kids decided that they wanted to pool their allowance money and buy an Evil Knight (and his evil steed) and the Rock Castle set.

We ordered it on-line (the kids researching prices, shipping and taxes and finding a good deal) and it arrived this week. They've been up in the under-the-roof-peak space of the loft playing with it for hours.

Now the video-camera has come out and the kids are creating stop-motion video shorts using the frame-by-frame record setting. Most of the vignettes seem to involve beer and drunk & disorderly behaviour (a catapult set purchased years ago came with three or four steins of beer overflowing with froth -- how can three silly kids resist?) and lots of giggling.

Maybe some day they'll come up with something they're happy to share, and I'll figure out how to create MPEG video on-line.


  1. My kids and I made a Playmobil slideshow a few years ago, that yours might like:
    The King's Breakfast

    and a short stop-motion project in Lego:

    Heather Patey, mom to a couple of public-schooled Suzuki kids in Newfoundland.

  2. Heather, great stuff! I really enjoyed your productions. Too bad A.A. Milne included no role for beer in "the King's Breakfast" or my kids would be all over that one. :-D



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