Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Pestles and my trivia magnet

A month ago Chuck bought a marble mortar and pestle. It had sat on an obscure ledge in the kitchen since then and I've used it several times. Apparently none of the kids had noticed it until tonight when I had it out to grind some dried rosemary to add to pizza dough. Erin asked "when did we get this? It's neat." I told her it had been there for a month. Sophie asked what it was for. I said "It's for grinding or mashing herbs and spices. It's called a mortar and pestle, though I'm actually not sure which is which."

Erin gave me a "duh!" look and said "The pestle is the club-shaped thing."

We've never owned one. As far as I knew she'd never seen one. We've never discussed them. She has no obsessive interest in culinary arts. How did she know this, and with such assurance? I don't know, and neither does she. She really had no idea where she'd encountered this little snippet of knowledge.

She stuns me like this at least a couple of times a day. She's a trivia magnet.

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