Thursday, April 14, 2005

A Dishwashing Convert

I've won one convert in the dishwashing-by-hand campaign. Sophie is my tireless helper. She really enjoys the quiet time with me, the suds, the warm water, the gentle clinking of dishes, the conversation. We're going on four days without using the dishwasher, with just the two of us working with occasional help from Noah, whose appreciation of the process seems to be growing as well.


  1. Hi there Miranda,

    I've had your family website bookmarked for over a year, and read your blogs for the first time tonight.

    It's funny you write about hand washing the dishes: my 6-yr old daughter always asks to do this with me. We enjoy it too! What was your motivation: a broken dishwasher?


  2. Hi Katie, the handwashing of dishes is just part of my (and gradually the kids', too) interest in simplicity. Recently I asked a bunch of families without dishwashers how they felt about not having one. I expected them to say "it would be nice to have a dishwasher, but we don't have the space" or "we'd love to have one, but we rent." But I was wrong. Each one raved about the wonderful effect on the development of diligence and family togetherness from spending daily time working side by side at a sink of soapy water.



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