Thursday, August 11, 2011

Part way to a squillion

Many of the SVI students and parents took up knitting squares for the Knit-a-Squillion project. We ended up with a few dozen, some still needing completion. We'll continue to work away at this into the fall and then arrange to mail them off.


  1. I'd like to help. May I knit some squares and send them to you? I don't think I am up for doing the whole shebang myself, as in 60 squares, but I'd like to make some. :)

  2. Hi Erin. We're a little worried about the mailing costs to S. Africa, since we've got so many squares knit by SVI folks that our family will be paying to send off. So it would be awesome if you knit some, but maybe you could just mail them to S. Africa yourself rather than sending them to Canada for us to send to Africa. The address is on the website I linked to.


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