Thursday, July 21, 2011

A tale of two provinces

Where would you rather be tomorrow? With us in BC, freezing our butts in the rain at the Friday Market, or with Erin in Ontario, dripping with sweat while trying to rehearse with the symphony?

It's been like this for almost a week, and tomorrow isn't even the worst of it. It's been 10 - 12 ºC a couple of times this week when I've got up, and temperatures where Erin is have got as high at 38 ºC. Today with the humidex it was equivalent to 45.

By the way, if you're in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or New Hampshire and you're interested in hearing a great symphony performance, you might be able to catch Erin as the National Youth Orchestra tours these areas over the next three weeks.


  1. I would way rather be where you are!! I'm in ontario..melting...
    How exciting about the orchestra..I didnt realize she'd be travelling around. I looked up her bio on the site:)

  2. Anonymous3:19 pm

    I'd pick the cold and rain. It's supposed to be 27C here tomorrow, with a chance of rain, but we've had so little...I'd take the cold if the rain were a sure thing!


  3. At 9pm, it's 33C and the "feels like" temp is 43 here in Montreal. :)

  4. Anonymous7:53 pm

    With you! With you! I loathe the heat. Today someone told me that we've had less than 75 minutes of temps above 26.7C / 80F this year. I smiled with gratitude...they frowned with frustration. I'm part duck, part polar bear for sure!

  5. It's brutal, isn't it? Where my brother lives, it was 51* yesterday with the humidex. It's been cool and wet on this side of the country too...but I'd rather have this than that heat.

  6. We're warmish here too, but not nearly as hot as in Ontario.

    The Wolfville Concert isn't far from us at all. We'd been toying with camping in NB that week, but if we opt not to, we may just go check out the concert!


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