Saturday, April 30, 2011

More market research

Now it's Fiona's turn. She has been persistent in her desire to create teas to sell at the market this summer. So far she's working on two blends.

The first is a tropical chai featuring organic black assam tea, red pepper flakes, toasted coconut, cardamom and cinnamon. Don't snicker: it's inspired by a boutique tea blend we love and Fiona's version 2.0, with the cinnamon toned down, is remarkably good.

The second is well on its way to being a winner. It's a Kootenay herbal blend based on wild ginger and rose hips. It needs some citrusy overtones, and so far she's used lemon peel; ultimately the hope would be to use organic lemon balm from our garden, but with the snow just barely gone it isn't exactly ready for harvest yet. I think it might also benefit from a hint of our peppermint, but we'll see. The wild ginger was fresh-picked in the forest today, but we went through the bother of drying it to test out how it would retain its flavour and release it in the tea. It works really well with the rose hips.


  1. mmmm, it would be REALLY lovely to find an Etsy shop selling these lovely wares for those of us too far away to make it to the market!! (hint, hint) =D

  2. I agree! It could be a really nice little shop if all the girls put their wares together!

  3. Anonymous6:06 am

    Thanks for the anniversary wishes & perspective - I so admire you guys for holding it together all these years without alone time!! Well, these teas sound glorious - and I'm not even a fan of tea. Your kids - as always - are an inspiration!!

  4. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Lovely combinations. Good luck!

    I recently found out that there are two types of cinnamon--one might be harmful in larger quantities, and the other (true cinnamon)is quite healthy. Something to look into for your marketting appeal ;-)

  5. Oooh, awesome! I LOVE making my own tea blends and experimenting. It is such a fun process in texture, tannin, finish. Sounds like a great idea for market!

  6. How about an export order of the ginger blend, Fiona?


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