Sunday, December 26, 2010

My blacksmith

Look what my personal blacksmith got me for Christmas! It's a special tool which attaches to the angled lip of my new baking sheets to allow me to insert and retrieve bread from the oven without further singeing the faux-fur on my winter jacket, or my eyebrows for that matter. He custom-made it for me, and it works perfectly.

It's particularly well-suited to making little foccaccia breads for Christmas-leftover sandwiches which he can grill on the panini press I gave him. Love that tidy convergence.


  1. that is a beautiful tool and handmade for you. That has definately got the "wow" factor.
    The snow around the cob oven also adds to the overall wowiness of this post.

  2. Christmas leftover foccaccia paninis?! Man, now I'm hungry.
    I just stumbled over your blog and am enjoying it. :)

  3. OMG I want that oven!!
    Did you build it yourself?
    We are just starting to build in the mountains and an outdoor oven seems to be a must to bake my bread and stuff. Any tips would be greatly appreciated :)


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