Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fire and pizza

We tried the oven for pizzas last night. We don't yet have a pizza peel, so we stuck with small personal pizzas on pans. We got the fire good and hot for an hour or two first.

The oven is finally pretty much dry, thanks to three recent firings. We've got a bit of cracking, but nothing we won't be able to fill in with the top coat of cob and nothing that seems at all structural. 

After a couple of hours of fire, we raked the coals out. Chuck emptied them into a little grill he put together and used them to BBQ meat. The vegetarians just looked the other way and got on with the pizzas.

We inserted the pizzas and placed the wooden door in the opening. The door is just rough-cut at this point and doesn't fit very well. There's almost an inch gap at the top of the curve, which means the oven loses heat quickly. The first pan of pizzas took 6 minutes, the second 9 minutes and the third 15 or so. Hopefully once we have a fitted door our baking times won't escalate so quickly. Even so, our three successive batches took only a few minutes longer than it takes us to cook one batch in the electric oven.

The bottom crust is exquisite! Just what I was hoping for.


  1. Yum! That pizza looks beautiful!

  2. Wow, yum.
    We just push the embers to the back of the oven.
    We had a pizza session at our cob oven yesterday. About 15 adults and kids. A whole lot of single pizzas with beautiful toppings. These ovens are fabulous. I can't wait to make one at our might be quite a while yet.

  3. Yum! Looks awesome.


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