Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Cheese Stands Alone

Our cheese is now a month old. It has been coated in fetching red cheese wax and has been sitting in a dark cool crawl space adjacent to our basement foundation for a month now. Probably it should be somewhere cooler, but so far it's free of mould. Perhaps we'll move it to the fridge.

It is a rather diminutive disc, considering that we started with a gallon of milk. The container it's in is a snug fit for a sandwich, if that gives you an idea of the scale. Even if small-scale cheese-making isn't an efficient use of time or resources, it has been fun and instructive to experience the process first-hand.


  1. what did you do with all the whey you had left?? We recently started with making yogurt and ricotta and the only thing I can find for the whey is baking, and I don't do enough to use up the quarts of whey I have left. =)

  2. Whey was mostly given to the pets as treats. A litre was used to bake bread.


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