Saturday, March 27, 2010

New family vehicle

... and even Fiona has got her learner's permit for this one.

It has already graded our driveway and will apparently (so I am told) be helpful with innumerable other tasks around the property.

It sure is orange, is all I can say!


  1. I take it that this doubtless carefully researched purchase was one that Chuck made?

  2. That is totally cool!!!

  3. The gear thing looks like it is almost as big as Finoa! You will be able to see the driver of that thing for miles!

  4. I would sure love one of those! Fiona - I am envious, enjoy it!

  5. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Now all you are missing is a steam locomotive and narrow gauge track to match!


  6. It even has a cup-holder!

  7. Nice! Love the color.

  8. My son is jealous ;)

    Thanks for your insightful comment on my blog. While we are moving away from too much structure to a more loosely structured day, you're right - one day of no structure isn't enough to see how it would play out in the long run. I think we'll experiment with it more toward summer, giving unstructured a longer trial period. And thanks too for the advice about blogger. I'll check my security levels!


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