Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Got her "L"

This is the magnetic decal that beginning drivers use in BC. The L stands for "learner." It gets placed on the back of the vehicle that, say, a newly-16-year-old girl might drive with her parent to get her first experience driving on public roadways.

Tomorrow I will be tweaking the insurance to cover her and afterwards we will set off on her first driving adventure around town. She's driven on our property and on other private roadways, but this is the real deal.

People ask whether it terrifies me. It doesn't. She'll be a good driver I think. And others ask whether I mourn this rite of passage because it means she's less a child and that much closer to being an adult. I don't. Maybe I'm just so sick of all the driving I've done ferrying this kid around to her lessons and rehearsals. Life will be good next year when she can test for her "N" and start driving herself places without me. But I'm also just darned proud to watch her growing up.

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  1. Congrats to Erin! Having one newly licenced driver, I can attest to the fact...it does make life somewhat simpler when they can drive themselves (or their siblings) to wherever they need to go.


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