Sunday, May 20, 2007

64 Million Shades of Green

This is my favourite time of year. The snow on the mountain tops is still white and plentiful. The air is warm. The sun graces us with its presence more days than not. The songbirds are back.

And the greens -- there are so many! Every tree has its own palette of shades. The "green and gallant spring" indeed.

This is our yard. From a different angle you can see across the lake to the New Denver Glacier, but this is my favourite view in May, down into the rich greens of lawn, lily-of-the-valley, our pear, apple and cherry trees, with the forest of hazel, maple, aspen, larch, fir, pine, birch and western red cedar in the background, and the ridge on the other side of the deep Denver Canyon a darker, hazier green still.

It's no wonder the children seem to come to life anew in spring too.


  1. Oh, how lovely!

    We are just beginning planting here. Although we are considerably south of you, we live at high altitude, so we are in the lovely, leafing out part of spring, too!

    This year, we have what we call incredible green due to a wet spring, but your green outdo ours!

  2. Anonymous1:47 pm

    Somewhere, I have read that the eskimos had 12 words for "white". To them, there were 12 "whites". No one else could make out a difference.

  3. Miranda, you wouldn't happen to have a spot for some wayward souls from the east coast would you? We could quietly pitch a tent somewhere under the trees....we'd be no trouble at all....

  4. Penelope, you're always welcome here, of course! Come, visit, stay -- whatever. I didn't mention the bears. You might want something a bit more than a tent if you're staying a while. :-)


  5. Absolutely gorgeous!

    I am in California and seasons are too noticeable here; just an amazing view!


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