Monday, April 30, 2007

Van chattiness

Second trip to Nelson in two days today. The middle two stayed home with dad & then grandma. Fiona came along with Erin and me. Erin was listening to her iPod and working on her piano bookwork most of the trip. Fiona slept most of the way home, but on the way there she was at her chatty best.

"Is everywhere on the earth that's not full of stuff full of air?"

"What chemicals is air made of? "

"I know that two plus half of four plus half of four is six."

"If there are seven billion people, are there about one billion houses?"

"When we're driving and there's something in the van that's on the seat not moving, is it still really moving?"

"I have six ponytail holders in my hair. Because I have three ponytails, and each one has two elastics. That's three plus three, or -- wait, it could be two plus two plus two."

It's enough to make my head spin. No wonder she slept all the way home.


  1. Hi Miranda,
    I really enjoy your blog, and just wanted to say hi! Looks like your youngest two and my two are very close in age, I have Landen (12/98) and Riley (2/03). I just wanted to intoduce myself. I am new to blogging, not very good at it yet, but I have you bookmarked and I visit often. Thanks for sharing what you guys are up to.

  2. Aren't they so much fun at that age?

    They tire you out, but you are driving so you don't get a nap! :)


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