Saturday, January 20, 2007

Gnomes in the Forest

I wrote in my recent Family Games Night post about Waldschattenspeil, also known as "Shadows in the Forest." I was looking through some old photo CDs when I came across this time exposure photo of Chuck and the kids playing. If you can find this game somewhere, I highly recommend it for the magical spell it and the dark and the candle can cast over a family. It's for 4 to 6 players, takes about 15 minutes to play once (though it's very fun to take turns being the candle-pusher, so multiply that time by the number of players) and can easily be played by kids from 5 or 6 on up, a little younger with a bit of assistance.


  1. We bought this game after reading about it on your blog. It is great fun! I found it at, in BC.

  2. You're kidding! I live in the middle of nowhere, and Natalie is about 25 miles from me, just over the pass along our lonely highway! Thanks for the pointer!


  3. What a great photo!

  4. She was the only person in Canada I could find that sold it. She has a lovely site.

  5. That game looks fantastic! I have added it to my wishlist.


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