Sunday, July 23, 2006

One Hundred Twinkles

Sometime a week or two ago Fiona surpassed the 100-Twinkle mark. She is now a "Twinkler" rather than a "pre-Twinkler" and can play all the variations (even the diabolical off-beat Variation B) and theme with the piano part almost up to tempo.

Last night the kids played their instruments in informal performance for my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt-in-law (visiting from Alberta and Ontario) and my mother. They each played a solo, Noah playing the first movement of the Telemann viola concerto with Erin accompanying on piano. The grand finale was a simple arrangement of "Blue Bells of Scotland" in three parts that the older three have done together before, but I hit on the fact that open string playing of the D and A strings would fit nicely with the harmonies and set Fiona up playing as well. She was thrilled at the idea, and stood cheerfully in playing position for the three or four minutes it took the older kids to get their instruments out and their sheet music ready. She bowed the open strings enthusiastically but musically and it was a very touching moment ... the first quartet performance my kids have done together. Small beginnings.

Fiona is very excited to be an enrolled student at the upcoming local Suzuki institute. Two weeks and counting!


  1. I'm sure they sounded beautiful!


  2. My husband and I are both musicians, and somehow we got two kids who are tone-deaf! The picture of all your young musicians was what I always pictured for our homeschooling family, but alas, it's not to be. That's okay, they've surprised me with their abilities and creativity in all sorts of other directions.

    I'm enjoying your blog very much. I discovered it midwinter, but due to some glitch, I was never able to see any recent posts until yesterday. I was stuck somewhere back in August 2005!


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