Thursday, December 15, 2005


Me: "Fiona, you're playing in the pantry with the door closed. Are you sneaking treats?"
Fi: [while scarfing Christmas toffee] "Yes. ... I mean no. I'm sneaking snacks. I mean no. Not sneaking, just eating. Healthy snacks."


Me: "Fiona, no running, okay."
Fi: "I'm not running, I'm prancing."


[while bouncing rhythmically on the couch]
Fi: "Please! Do! Not! Jump! On! The! Fur! Ni! Ture!!!! Please! Do! Not! Jump! On! The! Fur! Ni! Ture!!!!"

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  1. I love this. Kids are so funny. And Fiona is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I was blogging back when my girls were little. Having a record of all the cute stuff is so great to look back on. I did write things down in a notebook (that is now torn and keeps getting misplaced). I think my next project is to transfer it all to the computer!


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