Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Heaving a sigh...

... of relief. We survived the past week. Tomorrow is a completely free day. We haven't had one of those in weeks. Most days we've had at least two, and sometimes more, outside activities. In the past week: two concerts and all the organizing/packing/traveling that those entailed, one extra rehearsal, violin & piano lessons, soccer practices and games (4x per week total), art class, group class, choir rehearsals, GRUBS, trio rehearsal. In the midst of it all Chuck was gone to Vancouver for 3 1/2 days so it almost all fell to me. We made it to everything, didn't forget anything crucial, and didn't kill each other in the process. Not only that but we managed to spend some nice down-time together one afternoon that really recharged us. I'm getting better at focusing us on the routines and expectations that make coping easier and the kids are getting so much more understanding and willing to pull together.

It wasn't easy, and I did have a near-meltdown one morning as we were supposed to be leaving for a rehearsal & concert and two of the kids, both of whom happen to have massive layers of dirty and clean clothes strewed permanently on their bedroom floors while their mother waits for the 'natural consequences' of such mess and neglect to reveal themselves, complained that they couldn't find any dark-coloured socks to wear with their black pants and shoes. Yes, complained, as if it was my fault. Me who had been up since 5 organizing and packing and making lunches and assembling photo displays. But as I say, no one killed anyone. And more than half the clothes were tidied up the next day.

We are all enjoying our less scheduled week this week. And I mean enjoying. We are appreciating the time we have at home in each other's company and feeling that it's a precious thing to have. We've been reminded how important it is.

Fiona was a delight at both concerts. She had a bit of company from Sophie, who didn't play at all in the first concert, and only played a few numbers in the second. But really Sophie was a companion, not an overseer, and Fiona was a perfect member of the audience both times, with no intervention required. How is it that I am so lucky four times over to have children who can be brought to classical music concerts and behave impeccably at age 2? How wonderfully odd are these children?

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  1. Rosalie2:57 pm

    I remember seeing Erin at about that age doing just that, sitting happily still through an entire performance and marvelling.


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