Saturday, March 26, 2005

Screen-Free Day

For the first time in a long while we decided to have a 'Screen-Free Day' yesterday. No e-mail, no Sims, no web games, no quick Google searches, no word processor for writing stories, no DVDs or TV. Here's what happened instead:
  • lots of K'nex play
  • imaginative play with Playmobil
  • Noah and Sophie learned to make knotted hemp bracelets; Sophie made one as a gift and wrapped it, Noah made a nice one for himself
  • Fiona made herself a beaded pipe cleaner bracelet
  • I made a couple of simple beaded necklaces for Erin and Fiona
  • I made a small hardcover book using marbled paper Noah had made
  • Erin learned to make a new recipe for dinner
  • practising got done easily
  • Erin and Sophie made peanut butter brownies
  • I got my sewing table tidied so that all the papercraft stuff that had been living on top of it got put away and I can now get to a couple of sewing projects
  • the house stayed tidy
  • we hand-washed dishes because we're out of detergent
  • lots of reading
  • we painted the pole we'll use for measuring lake levels
  • we had a family meeting
  • I planted some seedlings
  • the kids tended to the chickens
  • Sophie did the last two big review exercises in her 2A math book, thus finishing it up
  • Noah did a big math exercise
  • Erin did two-thirds of her week's music theory assignment
  • we sat at the table together and drank herbal tea
  • there was some outside play even though the weather was terrible
  • the kids got along conflict-free for the whole day

Everyone agreed that it was a wonderful day. It was a reminder of the sorts of things the computer insidiously pushes out of our lives. We have agreed to continue with weekly Screen-Free Days for a time, to keep ourselves in touch with those things.

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