Sunday, April 18, 2004

Juggling activities

Noah's penpal's team lost their soccer championship game. Too bad. The good news is that we'll be meeting him and his sisters and mom in less than a month.

We had another tough day juggling activities. Three of us wanted to go to the community cleanup day. Two of us wanted to stay at home playing K'nex. Two of us wanted to go to the recital rehearsal and stay afterwards to socialize. Two wanted to bake cookies, but ... later. Only one kid was interested in doing practising early enough in the day to free up the social time after rehearsal. Some kids wanted a video. Others wanted a big imaginary game instead, but insisted everyone participate.

So we didn't get much done. We hung around home. I did some garden digging. Sophie helped sow some beans, peas and onions. Erin and I went to the rehearsal (it was terrific!) and then came home directly. No cookies got baked. No community cleaning-up happened. There was a fair bit of testiness in the family relationships.

I'm feeling a bit frustrated. Prior consensus helps, and that's been lacking. But even so, even when everyone agrees about the day's schedule, there's invariably one or two kids who change their mind and decide they'd rather just keep whacking the tetherball around, or reading, or whatever.

I'm also feeling the impending onslaught of craziness that will occur over the next 4 weeks as I resume violin teaching and deal with three huge music education organizational endeavours in the region. It feels like a tidal wave is about to break over me, and I'm not as relaxed with the day-to-day stuff as a result.

Everyone did some math bookwork today. It's 8:15 pm and we're still working on getting the last bit of practising done. Tomorrow is a "town day", with gymnastics, grocery-shopping and piano lessons. I hope we find our stride again soon when it comes to juggling things at home.

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