Saturday, October 25, 2003


An introduction. We are a family of six living in the rural southeastern interior of BC, Canada. We have a dog, a cat, some laying hens, a vegetable garden, some fruit trees and a million-dollar view of unspoiled mountain wilderness.

Chuck is a local small-town GP. He's also a DIY guy who enjoys mucking around in his shop, building furniture and looking after the property.

I'm Miranda, a violinist, violist, Suzuki violin teacher and occasional small-town GP.

Erin (who will be 10 early in 2004) is bright, stubborn, introverted and intellectual. She reads and writes at a very high level and has for years. She's also a talented violinist and pianist.

Noah (recently turned 7) is sensitive, creative and easy-going. Though somewhat less achievement-oriented than his older sister, he has an incisive mind and excels at seeing things from multiple perspectives. He's a rapidly progressing violinist and pianist and a passionate composer.

Sophie (who will be 5 soon) is cheerful and full of imaginative energy. She's recently taken to the violin like a fish to water. She is showing some of the same intellectual precocity as her older sister, but thankfully without much of the "spiritedness".

Fiona is 9 months. She's already doing everything she can to keep up with her siblings. The older kids have amazing relationships with her.

The kids have never been to school and have no interest in it. We enjoy the support of most of our extended family and of a fairly non-judgmental local community.

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