Sunday, December 28, 1997

Erin's Violin Blog 5

I've told Erin that when she is four we will start working at the violin again. (She turns four in less than two weeks.) I am committed to finding a way to make it work for us this time. We really have fizzled over the last three or four months. It's not that progress is at a standstill (though it is), it's that we haven't managed to establish a routine of daily practising.

I need to find ways to make this work. We find it very difficult to practice productively and agreeably. There is no routine of weekly lessons with some third party, no one of whom I can say "remember, your teacher said that we should practice this at least five times...won't she be happy to see how much better it is this week". All our regular interpersonal baggage gets mixed in with our music, and there is no "oasis" outside of our relationship where Erin can build her motivation, her confidence and her sense of independence.

Still, I believe I am doing this for the right reasons, and I am committed to making it work. I will make it work, I WILL make it work, I WILL MAKE IT WORK!

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