Friday, April 10, 2009

Running discoveries

Things I've discovered in the three weeks since I began running:
  • Duct tape is a good solution for blisters.
  • Don't buy nice new pants just before starting to run. After three weeks they'll be too big. Guess that's a good thing, but it's still sad.
  • Where I live motorcyclists will almost always wave at a runner. Car drivers' rate is about 30%, truck drivers' rate is negligible, unless the truck driver is Blake, whose personal rate is a solid 100%.
  • Even if nice spandex running tights from 18 years ago still fit they should be tossed, because something seriously oogy happens to spandex after that length of time, something sort of dusty and sticky at the same time and devoid of all elasticity.
  • Once an over-achieving control freak, always an over-achieving control freak. Fifteen years of granola-style laid back parenting will count for nothing when it comes to something quantifiable and personal like running distances and times.
  • U2, the Talking Heads and Lloyd Cole make the ultimate running soundtrack. 1980's here we come!
  • These guys, who chronicled their journey from couch-potato geekdom to half-marathon geekdom through weekly podcasts, are seriously funny and endearing.
  • My dog is in way better shape than I am.
Mysteries that remain:
  • How did anyone manage to run before iPods?
  • What is that evil by-product of spandex decay?
  • How can one run 103% of one's Maximum Heart Rate?


  1. I know! I hate exercising with my dog! She may be panting on the first day but by the next time, she can breeze right past me! No fair!

  2. I just started a running program to try to get in better shape and your post made me laugh.

    It's the truth about control-freaks. I keep judging my time and distance in relation to my last time and distance. I'm not competitive at *all* with other people, but put me up against myself...

    And, yeah, my husband told me to take our teenaged pup with me and I told him no way. This program was difficult for me as a beginner, no way our dog could do it. When we were done, he was a happy, starting-to-get-tired dog. Pshaw.

  3. I love your taste in running music -- I though I was the only one in the world who loved Lloyd Cole.

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Miranda! Glad you enjoy the podcast!


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