Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another fine day

It wasn't as warm as the other day, but the sunshine and 9°C made it a perfect day for the first healthy junk food adventure of the year. Erin, Noah and Sophie got on their bikes and headed down the hill to town with $5 each. After a hair-raising descent they headed directly for Mountainberry, the gas stop / convenience store. They spent almost every penny they had on junk food (chips, crackers, candy and ginger ale). They hung out in town a little bit, and dropped in on their grandma, who snapped this photo of their candy-dyed tongues.

After a bit more hanging out, they headed home. The elevation gain is almost 250 metres (800 feet) over 3.4 kilometres (a steady 7% grade) so this did not go quickly, but they had a very good time. They took frequent breaks as they grunted up the hill and laughed themselves silly, suffering from both short-term and long-term wobbits. I can do the ride home in about 25 minutes if I really push, but Sophie has only 5 gears on her small bike, and with all the rests I think it probably took them almost an hour. The exercise they got constitutes the "healthy" part of "healthy junk food." The food itself wasn't the slightest bit healthy.

I had done my run in the morning (I'm now doing 12-14 miles a week, tada!) and so Fiona and I stayed home during the afternoon's adventure. We got out in the garden for a while and did some rehabilitating of overgrown raised beds and planted some peas. We had a nice time together. Then we made pizza for supper, much appreciated by the hungry people returning home on their bikes.

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