Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The dog from hell

Some of you have asked for visuals. This photo shows exactly what Fiona sees if she steps outdoors while the dog is not penned or chained. I took this from Fiona height. I discovered when taking photos that the instant I squat to Fiona-height, I become the target of one of these charges. You'll need to click on the photo and view the larger image for the full effect. Imagine the image moving towards you faster than you can run away. Imagine that the image weighs 85 pounds.

If you are a child who is taller than the dog, which two of the children in this family are (though one only barely), this is what you see next. Plus muck smears all over your shirt.

If you are one of the unfortunate family members who is not taller than the dog, what you see next is the ground rushing up at you very quickly, and then a hurricane of fur, slobber, claws and teeth "wrestling" with you on the ground.


  1. Thanks Miranda! I have been imagining Cujo lol. Freya looks as though she means well, but . . . I know what my 42 lb puppy can do to my kids in the name of play. I think my kids are taller than yours, so can only imagine how they feel with 85 lbs rushing at them :( Especially 85 lbs of mud-covered dog. I love dogs but spring and dogs just do not mix. Hope things improve for you all!

  2. Now Fiona's gardening solution makes all the more sense....

  3. I've just realized how I get myself into the situation where I am always the one that people ask to take care of their dogs. I look at that picture and just think - aaawwww, so cute! I really do!

  4. Okay Heather, she'll be on the next flight to your place. ;-D

  5. Oops, sorry - no room for another dog right now - I have two others coming this weekend - yours will have to postpone her flight. ;-)


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